Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hot tub one floor down from our apartment
The cafe across the street (which we think is really a bar...Cafe Biere)
The view from our balcony
Our closet (check out the organization!)
Bathroom (goes from bedroom to closet)
More kitchen
Living room
More living room (and out to the balcony...too small to stand on, just a railing)

Thanks to my Gram for reminding me that I should actually post something on my blog! We've moved to Emeryville, California, and this is our new condo! We actually live on the edge of Emeryville near Oakland. We're about 3.5 miles from the law school in Berkeley and about 10 miles from San Francisco. So far, we love it here! Our condo is in a complex called Andante lofts, and the lower level is used for shopping and restaurants (a sushi restaurant, Miyozen, occupies the first floor). We've got a great little Greek restaurant just in the next building, and they give you free lentil soup while you wait for your falafel! There's a supermarket across the street for very easy shopping, and there are all sorts of stores just down the road (like Trader Joe's!!!). We're a 10 minute walk from the BART station, but the streets along the way are a little scary if you're alone. Fortunately, there's a free bus that goes directly to the station (the Emery-go-round :). Dave has interviewed for a job at Leapfrog, which is just down the street (maybe 1.5 miles or so), and we're keeping our fingers crossed that it works out. School starts on the 13th with two days of orientation. We're excited to be here and hoping that everything works out well :)