Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Of work and backaches...

Dave has now officially had his first day of work! The job is legit, and though his training is pretty remedial right now (basic “business” stuff), it shows promise of getting much more exciting (“computer” stuff!). So far, so good! He’s currently going to training at a hotel in Dublin (about a 30 minute drive from here), so he says that it doesn’t quite feel like work yet. More like a conference.

Unfortunately, on top of the excitement of getting started at work, he has also had the excitement of hurting his back. Though we have no idea how he managed it beyond bad posture. He’s got terrible lower back spasms and can’t sit or stand very well (especially in the evenings). He’s been toughing it out, however, with the thought that you can’t really miss your first week of work. So, we’re doping him up on painkillers, and I drove him to work yesterday. We’ll see if he can make it there on his own today… Poor guy!

Otherwise, as I’m sure you’ve all heard, we’ve been swamped with rain here in California. I think it’s rained for a week straight! We’re not complaining too much, though. At least it’s not snow or ice. But, it has caused me to invest in a pair of galoshes…wet feet are miserable!

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Zprofound said...

I wish Dave the best... his work should offer him a special ergonomic chair, since I'm sure he'll be sitting a lot and straining his back with his computer job.